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The Bianchi® Order Guide is a comprehensive reference published once a year. As changes and new additions are made throughout the year please, reference Holster Finder for the most up-to-date information.

The Order Guides are primarily designed for use by Bianchi's network of Authorized Dealers. Any law enforcement personnel involved in the purchasing or specifying of law enforcement equipment will find them helpful and informative for fit offerings and safety information.

One important word of caution: A perfect Order Guide for holsters and accessories is nonexistent. Nor is an order guide of this size and complexity ever completed. With more than 17,000 part numbers, and gun manufacturers introducing new models during the year - we are continually adding new fits - it's an ongoing process that never ends. This edition represents our best effort to provide accurate information needed to select and order any Bianchi product. However, human error may occur and we would appreciate hearing of any mistakes the reader may discover. Also, everyone’s unique situation cannot be anticipated; therefore, toll-free technical support is offered. Please call 800-347-1200 or email if you have any difficulties.

Bianchi Order Guide (PDF)
Bianchi Pricelist (PDF)