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Bianchi® holsters are designed to meet the demand for high-performance police products. Close tolerances for holster/handgun fit require consistent handgun specifications and characteristics as well as extremely precise holster design.

For more than 50 years, Bianchi has produced products of quality materials with efficiency and safety in mind. For your protection and safety, it is strongly suggested that these warnings be read, understood, and adhered to prior to the purchase or use of any Bianchi product.

Although these warnings may not pertain to all Bianchi products or all circumstances, they should be read prior to the purchase, sale or use of any Bianchi product.

Some Bianchi products have supplemental and/or safety information that must be read prior to their use. Call  Customer Service for copies of these materials.


Use of a handgun under any circumstance may be dangerous. SERIOUS INJURY OR EVEN DEATH may result without proper training in the safe handling of firearms. Proper training should be obtained from an accredited firearms safety program conducted by competent, qualified instructors in the military, police academies or National Rifle Association affiliated instruction programs.

We strongly recommend a regular holster practice regime be utilized to assure the continued capabilities of both the Bianchi product and its user. Should you have any questions concerning your Bianchi products, contact Customer Service.


NEVER PLACE A LOADED HANDGUN IN A HOLSTER WITHOUT FIRST TESTING FOR PROPER FIT WITH THE HANDGUN UNLOADED. Although Bianchi attempts to provide accurate information regarding which specific holster models were designed to accommodate a specifically identified handgun, or handguns, Bianchi does not warrant the accuracy of such information and disclaims any responsibility or liability for, or consequences resulting from, errors or inaccuracies in such information. Users are advised not to rely on such compatibility information but to personally verify holster/handgun compatibility in each and every case using actual products.

Handgun manufacturers continually update manufacturing specifications in their quest for better products. These changes may occur one or more times within a particular handgun model year, and make it difficult for proper handgun identification and holster fit.

The slightest change in handgun design can have a major safety effect on the Bianchi product with close tolerances. These changes may not affect other holster brands that do not maintain the Bianchi high standards.

If the user has any questions or doubt concerning holster fit, contact Bianchi immediately as to which version of a particular handgun you and/or your customer may possess and its compatibility with Bianchi holsters.

Be advised that it is the user's responsibility to periodically check his or her holster and related hardware for proper fit and function. Should any product, including a Bianchi product, become worn, loose, broken, defective or ill-fitting CEASE USE IMMEDIATELY.


DO NOT use Bianchi holsters with custom or modified guns unless the holster was made specifically to accommodate changes. Broken, worn or inferior manufactured guns, including guns that are not of original factory specifications. After-market grip adapters, target hammers, target triggers, trigger shoes, or other after-market handgun modifications may cause improper holster fit if the holster was not designed for it and increase the chance of an ACCIDENTAL HANDGUN DISCHARGE. Never attempt to modify Bianchi products in any way.

Do not attempt to cock a handgun while holstered as such cocking can cause severe damage to either the handgun or holster, or both, and may cause an ACCIDENTAL DISCHARGE.

It should be noted that NO HOLSTER IS COMPLETELY SNATCH-PROOF OR TAKEAWAY-PROOF. Therefore, the user must exercise extreme diligence at all times in any situation where another person may attempt to take the user's handgun. The handgun should be held in place by the user whenever vigorous activity such as running, jumping, falling or tumbling is encountered or attempted. ALWAYS keep safety straps snapped or pivoting hoods closed if the holster is so equipped.

Keep thumb on back of hammer or slide when inserting handgun in holster to help assure no movement occurs during insertion. Always keep fingers clear of trigger when drawing or replacing handgun in holster. Place index finger on outside of trigger guard to resist inadvertent strap or foreign object interference when re-holstering. Please refer to Bianchi training videos for correct procedure on drawing and re-holstering